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About Us

Schtinky Dog is the new pup on the block for mountain and outdoor leisure products.

We have carefully and thoughtfully selected specialised products that cater to the varying needs 

of outdoor people. We are outdoor people ourselves!

Each product selected within the Schtinky Dog range has a specific purpose and use, from 

recording memories of day to day life, to helping protect you and or your personal belongings. 

From giving you emergency help when on the move, to a cool [ protective ] look on the mountain.

Schtinky Dog operates on a direct source to retail business model as our design and sourcing 

crew are located on the edge of the largest manufacturing base in the world.e are enthusiastic and passionate about innovation and are constantly looking for the next “ 

need one of those “ products.

Because we are outdoor people like you, we are committed to the environment and as such 

operate a minimal packaging policy for all of our products.